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Land Studio was created to serve people and their communities. We are passionate about what we do, and our enthusiasm is evident in our work and our interaction with clients.

Through the practice of Land Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, we strive to design complete sites that lead to the creation of whole communities. We believe that well-conceived design solutions are derived through a thorough understanding of all aspects of a site and the community in which it sits, including its culture, history, and natural environment. Responsive solutions celebrate a community’s larger identity, promote a sense of place, and improve upon the quality of life for its citizens.

At Land Studio, we value our clients’ opinions and ideas as well as their time and budget.  The people we serve are more than clients to us.  They are a critical aspect of the design team.  With every project, the client, the surrounding community, and the key stakeholders become an extension of our firm. We collaborate to foster sustainable, community-driven solutions of enduring quality at a reasonable cost.

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